Monday, September 24, 2012

Once Upon a September

One year ago we wanted our wedding to be as personal and unique as possible.  We wanted our closest friends and family to be involved in our special day as much as possible.  

 First Mark and I thought it would be nice to have someone who we know personally to be our officiant.  There were a few people that we knew and were considering.  We decided to have Kevin to officiate our wedding, and we could not have picked anyone better.  Kevin is one of the few people I trust in this world.  He's been a friend of mine since High School, competing together in the Drum Major competitions. 

A wedding day is a day for the Bride and Groom.  But we wanted to honor some very special people in our lives.  So of course we wanted to honor our parents. We did the traditional rose ceremony for them and we placed pictures from their wedding day on our cake table.  We also wanted to honor our loved ones that were no longer with us.  For my Grandfather, Marks Grandparents and Uncle we had a special song ("Footprints In The Sand" by Leona Lewis) dedicated to them at the reception.  Just about a week before the wedding my Dad had a wonderful idea to wear something that belonged to my Grandfather to represent him.  My Grandmother didn't have much of anything that he could wear but a Canucks hockey pin.  That gesture from my Dad meant so much to me because when I was in High School, before Chico was part of my life, I always said when I get married my Grandfather was going to walk me down the aisle.

During the time that we were looking for ideas for our wedding favors, I was looking through a magazine at my work.  I saw a section that said you could donate to St. Jude's Research Hospital.  I thought this was an awesome idea.  So Mark and I took the money for our favors and donated it to St. Jude's.  We also had a special display for a friend of mine that had passed almost 3 years prior.  I will not go into the long story the display told.  But if Chau was still here today there is nothing I would have loved more then for her to be there.

A few accessories I was wearing during the day were small personal items.  A small little thing that was special to me was my necklace.  My necklace wasn't just my "something borrowed" it was the necklace my Mom wore at her wedding.  And my hope one day is to have a daughter who will also wear that necklace at her wedding.  My veil was homemade.  I bought the veil from Joann's Fabrics and lined it with crystal ribbon scrapbooking stickers.

There is a story behind the bridesmaids dresses and the color of the wedding.  First Mark and I were considering a blue or a purple color for our wedding.  But when I found my dress and I saw the bridesmaid dress that was very similar I wanted to go that direction.  The bridesmaid dresses in particular to me looked like rose buds and I love the look of deep pink rose buds.  So we decided to go with the color the dresses and to have roses at our wedding.  Some people asked why I choose pink over red since I don't care for the color pink.  That's easy, I hate the color red more.

Probably the largest personal detail of the wedding was the talk of the Crystal Room, the Grooms Cake.  I still can not believe the cake we were able to get.  When Mark and I talked about a Grooms Cake of course I knew he was going to talk about Mater.  Since a Disney Wedding is something he always wanted, I was not going to tell him no on his Grooms Cake.  When we first got engaged my Mom told us about a friend of hers that makes beautiful wedding cakes.  I looked at her work and wanted her to make our cake.  However, since we decided to get married through the Christian Wedding Center, the cake was part of the package.  So we asked if she would make the Grooms Cake.  At first Mark and I were talking about having a simple sheet cake with a picture of Mater on it.  When "Cars 2" came out we thought it would be cool to have Mater with Holley on the cake.  However when Ildi showed me the sample cake,  I just let her do her thing.  I could not believe what she was able to do after she said she never made a cake in a shape of a car and has never heard of the character "Mater" before then.  

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