Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Room of Requirements.

Mark and I got to go to our "Idea Room" appointment.  The Idea Room is something unique to the Christian Wedding Planning Center.  The idea room was full of flowers, linens, cake ideas, centerpieces, lighting ideas, candles, and everything else you can think of for weddings.  This so far was the funnest part of the wedding planning for us.  We were joined by our Mothers and Kristina, my Maid of Honor, to help us design our table settings, centerpieces, the cake and everything else.  Above you can see the picture of our final decision.  LOL!  Just kidding.    

Table Setting Ideas

A Thought for a Centerpiece

Bonnie, who runs the CWPC was very helpful with helping design the centerpiece.  I was very pleased when I showed her a picture of a centerpiece I found off of Google and she made it better for us.

The CWPC has so many different choices for flowers, I know when the time comes for me to make a decision on flowers it's not going to be easy.

Cake Designs
Mark and I have decided on our cake, since we both agree not to share final details, it's not here.  But these were some designs we were looking at.

I just love this picture.
What's so fascinating?  Well, that is just something you will have wait to see.  : )

It's hard to believe that our special day is almost four months away.  The planning is starting to get busy but very exciting.  Special thank you to my Mother in Law to be for taking the pictures.  : )