Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tying the Knot and Sailing Away...

Well, Our wedding is just around the corner, and we just finished with all the major details of the wedding.  We are very confident that our wedding is going to turn out to be beautiful, classy, and hopefully everyone will enjoy it.  We are both very excited for our big day but are probably more excited about the honeymoon.  Yes, we are going on a Disney Cruise for our honeymoon.  Great compromise...the Bride loves the ocean, the Groom loves Disney, could it be any better?  It's little compromises like these that makes us realize how perfect we are for each other.  So anyways, here some videos that we found on YouTube about the Disney Cruise we would like to share with you. Enjoy.






Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Room of Requirements.

Mark and I got to go to our "Idea Room" appointment.  The Idea Room is something unique to the Christian Wedding Planning Center.  The idea room was full of flowers, linens, cake ideas, centerpieces, lighting ideas, candles, and everything else you can think of for weddings.  This so far was the funnest part of the wedding planning for us.  We were joined by our Mothers and Kristina, my Maid of Honor, to help us design our table settings, centerpieces, the cake and everything else.  Above you can see the picture of our final decision.  LOL!  Just kidding.    

Table Setting Ideas

A Thought for a Centerpiece

Bonnie, who runs the CWPC was very helpful with helping design the centerpiece.  I was very pleased when I showed her a picture of a centerpiece I found off of Google and she made it better for us.

The CWPC has so many different choices for flowers, I know when the time comes for me to make a decision on flowers it's not going to be easy.

Cake Designs
Mark and I have decided on our cake, since we both agree not to share final details, it's not here.  But these were some designs we were looking at.

I just love this picture.
What's so fascinating?  Well, that is just something you will have wait to see.  : )

It's hard to believe that our special day is almost four months away.  The planning is starting to get busy but very exciting.  Special thank you to my Mother in Law to be for taking the pictures.  : )

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My "I DO" Do

So one day I was at work and I noticed on the table in the break room a wedding magazine (Martha Stewart Weddings).  Just for fun I started to look through the pages and I found one page that talked about hair care, called "Hair Helpers".  I personally find my hair to be so thick and somewhat frizzy that I have a hard time to manage it and I'm just never happy with my hair.  I was reading this article and thought I would take the challenge.  Even though I was already doing somethings it said and not doing the things it said not to do, I thought I would try new things no matter what the cost.  I am happy to say that after a couple of uses, Mark and I and noticed good changes in my hair.  So I would like to share with all of you.

SUDSINT UP GENTLY.  Keep your hair's natural moisture in balance, and protect your color with a nonstripping, sulfate-free cleanswer, like L'Oreal Paris Ever-Pure Moisture Shampoo.  Then follow with a conditioner for your hair type. 
UTILIZING A LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER.  Work in through damp hair before heat styling.  Mark Heiner, owner of Slate Salon in New York City likes It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Treatment.  Loaded with sunflower-seed extract, "it protects, detangles, and adds volume",  he says. 
APPLYING A WEEKLY MASK.  "Intensive treatments can dramatically imporve the quality of you hair, even after one use", says Heiner.  For mor body reach for Pantene Fine Hair Solutions Ultra-Light Moisturizing Treatment.  If hair is color treated or dry, pamper it with Frederic Fekkai Essential Shea Ultra Rich Mask.  Thick or curly? Try Phyto Phytokarite Ultra Nourishing Mask, which enlists cashew oil to moisturize. 
FEEDING YOUR HEAD.  Nourish your scalp to ensure healthy hair growth.  "Work two drops of rose-hip oil into your roots before bed", says Margo Marone, founder of the Organic Pharmacy in London.  It's full of conditioning fatty acids." 
EATING A PROTIEN-RICH DIET.  "Hair relies on it for strengh", says Philip Kingsley, a trichologist in New Yourk City.  To get your fill, consume low-fat dairy products, lean meats, and beans. Aim for 46 grams of protein per day. 


DETANGLING HAIR WHEN IT'S WET.  It's most vulnerable to breaking when it's waterlogged.  "Instead, brush before getting in the shower," says Heiner.  After, blot it dry (don't rub)with a towel to remove excess water, and carefully lossen any tangles with your fingers. 
WASHING EVERY DAY.  Over-cleansing removes natural oils-and, ultimately, that vibrant shine says Eddie Ngai, a stylist at the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City.  Lather up just two to four days a week, depending on how greasy you get. on the off days, spray on a dry shampoo, like Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo.  It de-slicks and gives fine hair thickness and volume. 
BRUSHING TOO MUCH.  "The less you do it the better", says Kingsley.  "Hark pulling can break the hair and scratch the scalp".  When you do brush, use natural boar bristles, which distribute the oils from scalp to ends.  Bumble and Buble's Flat Classic Hairbrush reduces static and gently untangles.  Or try a conditioning comb. 
OVERDOING IT WITH HEAT.  Hot tools can cause damage.  Bottom line: "In the months leading up to your wedding, lay off the blow-dryer, curling iron, and flatiron at least three days a week", says Ngai. And don't take scorching showers.  Sure they feel good, but "over time, hot water can dry out your hair and fade the color", sayd Heiner. 
USING ELASTICS WITH METAL.  They can tear your hair, resulting in logs of broken pieces.  Instead, look for metal-free styles.  like Sephora Snag-Free Elastics.  And "always wear your ponytail loose", says colorist Giselle.
(Martha Stewart Wedding, Winter 2011)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A-E-I love U

I want to share with everyone just how creative Mark is and one way he makes me feel very lucky and special.  The past couple of weeks have been rough with the wedding details.  When I get down Mark does this cute thing where he sends me a text message in the middle of the night telling me how much he loves me, for me to find when I first wake up.  This morning a very special message was on my phone.  This is what he wrote.

All the vowels went camping.  As the letter I  was setting up his tent first, it started to rain.  As A, E, and O shoved past U to cram into I's tent, I set up a second tent for U.  He then went fishing and cooked dinner for U while the others ate dried fruit.  The next morning A, E, and O found out and started yelling at U.  So I stepped in front of U and told the others to back off.  The other vowels stopped being friends with I, but I didn't care.  He took U by the hand and went on to live an amazing life together.  The moral of this story?  Simple.  I will  always be there for U to lend a helping hand, and I will always back U up even if it means losing a friend.  Because I love U and want to live a long happy life with U by my side.  

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jaw Drops and Tear Drops

After Mark and I got engaged the hardest part was to tell the parents.  Well, actually telling my parents.  I was so nervous on the drive home, but I was so thankful that Mark was coming back to my house to tell the news.  My parents wouldn't kill me in front of him.  When I got to the front door of my parents house the door was open with the screen door locked.  When I was trying to unlock the door my Mom was at the kitchen table and yelled "YOUR GRANDMOTHER IS NOT HAPPY WITH YOU!".  (Oh Great!  With all the excitement I didn't give my Grandmother a phone call all day, when she doesn't hear from me in every 2 hours she starts to worry.)  Well I got into the house and I saw my Mom sitting at the table grading her papers and getting frustrated with her students lack of trying.  She was slamming papers on the table yelling at each student as if they were able to hear her.  Waiting for an opportunity for my Mom to be in a good mood to tell her the news that I wasn't sure how she would take was not coming.  So I just put my hand in front of her face and said "look what Mark got me".  With a blank look on her face and not a word she just looked at it for a few seconds then looked at me with a confused look on her face.  Nothing was said but a grin was on her face.  So I went to Chico,  I showed him what Mark gave me, again not a word just a confused look.  After about 15 minutes went by and the news sunk in my parents started to ask us questions to find out if what they are thinking is really true.  After 30 minutes of them asking questions and finally believing the fact Mark and I went to my Grandmothers house to tell her the news.  When I got into my Grandmothers house I was expecting to be in trouble for not calling her all day, but she was quiet.  I showed her my ring, she stared at it, looked back at me and said "what that cost $50?"  Mark and I chuckled then she asked "so is this something permanent?"  of course it was and she went to bed.  I posted my new relationship satus on Facebook and my brother Jason found out that way before I was able to call him.  He called me right away and I was not able to answer the phone so he left me a message "is this some kind of a joke or is this real?  if it's real congratulations, if not, YOU SUCK!".   LOL!  I couldn't help but laugh at that.  So I called him and gave him the good news.  The next morning Jason drove to my Grandmas to congratulate us.  My Grandmother walked in the room "YOU'RE ENGAGED!?! I thought it was a friendship ring".  So Mark if this is a friendship ring I can't wait to see what else you get me.  : )
So to summerize my family didn't believe me. 


There wasn't any doubt in my mind that the second my family heard the news, stock in Kleenix facial Tissue would skyrocket for weeks.  So I really wasn't nervous about telling anyone.  However, I really wanted to tell my mom in person, to see her Kaleidoscope of emotions spill out in front of me, but with the magic of Facebook, everyone was findng out right away, and I was feeling guilty that my parents still didn't know the news.  So I told Holly I was going to call her cell phone and tell her.  She answers the phone with a harsh," What?!!"  I jokingly answer," Is that any way to answer a call from your son?"  She then, as anyone who knows my mom can tell you, felt the need to tell me her entire schedule for the day from the time she woke up at eight in the morning to the time I now talked to her at 10 pm.  She went on and on and on and on and ON and ON and ON AND ON AND ON AND ON, until we finally arrived at this pleasant conversation we were now having.  I said," Are you just about done?"  My mom answers," Yes, so what can I do you for?"  And I said," Well, your future daughter in law here beside me wanted to tell you something."  DEAD SILENCE.  Then her emotions took over and she spoke in fragments," W-What.........Di......*snifff* you.....just...........s-s-s-say?"  So I said," I asked Holly to marry me, we're engaged now."  I heard Auntie Lilla in the back say," Is Mark engaged?"  My mom said," Put Haw-Haw-Holly on....the.....phone *sniff*"  So I hand the phone to Holly who had an "oh crap" look on her face as she took the phone.  And I could hear my mom bawling as she told Holly how happy she is for the two of us.  She then hands the phone back to me with this "wow" look on her face.  And my mom started telling me how happy she is for us, and how I made her night.  With the tidal wave of emotions that was nearly drowning Holly and I from this phone calls, I completely forgot I hadn't told my dad.  lol.  I get a call the next morning from my mom saying," Well you please tell your father.  I want to celebrate with him, but I can't because he doesn't know yet."  First words out of my mouth," Oh crap, I forgot."  lol.  So I immediately call my dad, who had fallen in love with Holly the day he met her, and told him the exciting news.  He was ecstatic and congradulated the two of us.  That morning, I was getting an ambush of phone calls and text messages from all my aunts, uncles, coursins, and friends who were all overjoyed with the good news.  I seriously think at age 36, most of my family and friends had given up on this day ever happening for me.  lol.  Anyways, Holly and I are now in the planning stages of this incredible day for us.  And note to all of you who are kicking yourself for not buying that Kleenix stock, don't worry.  You have a second chance on the week of our wedding day :)