Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A-E-I love U

I want to share with everyone just how creative Mark is and one way he makes me feel very lucky and special.  The past couple of weeks have been rough with the wedding details.  When I get down Mark does this cute thing where he sends me a text message in the middle of the night telling me how much he loves me, for me to find when I first wake up.  This morning a very special message was on my phone.  This is what he wrote.

All the vowels went camping.  As the letter I  was setting up his tent first, it started to rain.  As A, E, and O shoved past U to cram into I's tent, I set up a second tent for U.  He then went fishing and cooked dinner for U while the others ate dried fruit.  The next morning A, E, and O found out and started yelling at U.  So I stepped in front of U and told the others to back off.  The other vowels stopped being friends with I, but I didn't care.  He took U by the hand and went on to live an amazing life together.  The moral of this story?  Simple.  I will  always be there for U to lend a helping hand, and I will always back U up even if it means losing a friend.  Because I love U and want to live a long happy life with U by my side.